25:00, No. 2

Chen Lingyang



25:00, No. 2
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60 cm x 175.6 cm x 14.7 cm
In this photographic dreamspace, one in a two-piece series, a nude giantess looms within Beijing’s built environment. The angle of perspective in the long scroll-like photograph, as in Wang Nengtao's Subversion–Earth, comes from above, although here the only visible human figure miniaturizes the buildings. It is the artist’s own body at the center of the image, lying face down on top of an apartment block, her exposed spine aligned with its central axis. Her head dangles over the edge, hair hanging down like that of an ink brush. The female figure appears huge yet vulnerable, as she comes into sensuous contact with a city where new commercial buildings rise above socialist work-unit housing. Exhibited as a transparency in an illuminated lightbox, the image glows with a dark, magic-hour intensity.
Book Reference:
Introduction, Plate 2, Page 15

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Wu Hung and Christopher Phillips, eds., Between Past and Future: New Photography and Video from China (Chicago: Smart Museum, University of Chicago, 2004), 90-91.
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