The Red Detachment of Women film still (timecode: 10 sec.)

Xie Jin



The Red Detachment of Women film still (timecode: 10 sec.)
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The Red Detachment of Women (film)
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110 min.
This woodcut print appears at the beginning of the film, serving as background for the opening credits. Film description: The Red Detachment of Women is a film about China's first all-woman Red Army unit. In the 1930s, during the Chinese Civil War, a slave girl (Qionghua) runs away from a cruel landlord and becomes a soldier in the Red Army. She helps lead a detachment of women soldiers in battle against Nationalist forces, including her former master, whom she personally captures and brings to justice.

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Hongse niangzi jun [The red detachment of women], directed by Xie Jin (Jinan: Qilu yinxiang chubanshe, 2004), DVD.
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