Urban Fiction, image 0 (detail)

Xing Danwen



Urban Fiction, image 0 (detail)
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170 cm x 241.8 cm
Urban Fiction captures the gendered alienation, ennui, and violence of new privatized forms of dwelling. For this series, created from 2004 to 2009, Xing photographed architectural scale models created for real estate developments. She then digitally edited the photographs to add isolated scenes so small the viewer has to search to find them. The characters in the scenes are all Xing dressed in different roles. In this detail from her photograph of the Beijing Jianwai SOHO China scale model, a woman in a purple wig and sunglasses stands with her hand raised in shock. Her top has been ripped open. On the pristine white floor before her lie a bloody cleaver, the body of a white male in a pool of blood, and a scattered bouquet of flowers.
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Chapter 1, Plate 7

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Series webpage: http://www.danwen.com/web/works/uf/ (accessed on 2017-08-14)
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