"Duchamp Retrospective Exhibition" in China

Shi Xinning



"Duchamp Retrospective Exhibition" in China
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100 cm x 100 cm
Shi Xinning’s "Duchamp Retrospective Exhibition" in China juxtaposes iconic symbols of the avant-garde of Western art and Chinese socialism. In a fictional encounter of "impossible reality"—an altered reproduction of an image taken at an official visit to an industrial exhibition by one of Mao Zedong’s official photographers—Shi depicts the chairman intently inspecting Marcel Duchamp’s Fountain. Shi makes these two avant-garde visions proximal. His documentary style of painting, based on his training in socialist realism at Shenyang’s Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts, mimics the way artists under Mao reworked historical paintings in response to political winds.
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Chapter 1, Figure 2, Page 49

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Shu Yang, Zhongguo yingxiang huihua [China's photographic painting] (Hong Kong: Xianggang wenhua Zhongguo chubanshe, 2004), 68.
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