China/Avant-Garde Exhibition Invitation

Preparatory Committee of the China/Avant-Garde Exhibition



China/Avant-Garde Exhibition Invitation
Preparatory Committee of the China/Avant-Garde Exhibition
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The invitation for the now historic February 1989 "no U-turn" exhibit at the National Art Museum of China (China Art Gallery, Beijing) presents a translingual puzzle. The Chinese text at the top reads Zhongguo xiandai yishu zhan (Chinese modern art exhibit). The English text at the bottom, China/Avant-Garde, anticipates a foreign audience. It also introduces a discrepancy that reveals the problem of translation when understood as a process of producing linguistic equivlaencies. What do we make of "modern" in Chinese versus "avant-garde" in English?
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Chapter 1, Page 43

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“China/Avant-Garde Exhibition-Invitation,” Art Asia Archive, Lü Peng Archive, accessed July 25, 2017,
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