Portable Cities, Groninger Museum

Yin Xiuzhen



Portable Cities, Groninger Museum
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Installation view at Yin Xiuzhen's 2012 solo exhibition at the Groninger Museum in Groningen, Netherlands. As Yin Xiuzhen began receiving commissions to create new works in locations around the world, she frequently found herself in transit. The idea for Portable Cities came to her while waiting at an airport baggage claim, when she suddenly saw each suitcase as the home a traveler tries to carries with her. She fabricated the pieces in the series from old clothing gathered at their respective sites of creation: Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney, New York, Berlin, Paris, Groninger . . . . As these portable cities accumulated, Yin began to exhibit them as an ensemble mapping her travels. On an oceanic blue wall behind the open suitcases, yellow buttons serve as drop pins for each city, connected by strands of yellow yarn.
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Introduction, Figure 0, Page 14

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