The Condition of Chinese Avant-Garde Art Book Cover




The Condition of Chinese Avant-Garde Art Book Cover
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23 cm x 17 cm
This book cover features an oil painting titled China Girl by Qi Zhilong; the quote below reads: “Nobody is an artist, and nobody is not an artist.” This painting, like others by Qi that depict young female Red Guards, references a Maoist history of vanguardism, yet is infused with the soft come-hither glow of contemporary commodity culture. It appeals to Western desires for a Chinese avant-garde as political fetish that ventriloquizes liberal freedom of expression. It represents a Chinese break from the collectivized past of Maoist modernity even while remaining influenced by its revolutionary aesthetics. It also represents the persistence of gender politics in the confluence of avant-garde ideologies.
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Chapter 1, Figure 1, Page 44

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Gao Brothers, eds., Zhongguo qianwei yishu zhuangkuang: guanyu Zhongguo qianwei yishu de fangtan [The condition of Chinese avant-garde art: interviews about Chinese avant-garde art] (Nanjing: Jiangsu renmin chubanshe, 2002).
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