Lugu Lake - Happy Existence, No. 13

Zhang Lun



Lugu Lake - Happy Existence, No. 13
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The thirteenth Mosuo performer has just poured tea for herself as part of Zhang Lun's Lugu Lake - Happy Existence. The documentary photography is accompanied by a survey she filled out with information including her name, gender, age, occupation, hometown, and hero as well as answers to questions such as: “Have you heard of the feminist master Judy Chicago? Should the Mosuo become an independent ethnic nationality? Do you think that other ethnic nationalities should adopt the organizing principles of matrilineal society?” The bottom section of the survey, which Zhang asked participants to fill out when she returned several weeks later to give them copies of their photos, asks: "Are you satisfied with this photograph? From the photograph, do you think Judy Chicago’s expression is one of happiness?"

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