Huang Yin



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192 cm x 158 cm
Huang Yin examines the commercialized and gendered aspects of China's new "linked-up-with-the-world" worlding by adorning the female body with the cosmopolitan fashion of Louis Vuitton’s signature bag, marker of luxury precisely because its manufacturer claims the genuine article is not made in China, although knock-off copies and many other Western name brands are produced by Chinese female factory labor. Huang’s oil painting Myth, like others in her Imitation Louis Vuitton Advertisement Series, reproduces the sleek surfaces of commercial photography, only the model’s head turned coyly toward the viewer is that of a cartoonish smiling dog. It conflates the female body not only with the fashion marker of conspicuous consumption but with a commodity item signifying urbane wealth and leisure in China, the pet dog.
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Introduction, Figure 0, Page 37

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Shu Yang, Zhongguo yingxiang huihua [China's photographic painting] (Hong Kong: Xianggang wenhua Zhongguo chubanshe, 2004), 29.
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